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Commodity Analysis –

Gold costs are not supporting at more elevated amounts around 26560-26600 zone. Costs are liable to slide lower towards 26460-26440. Some purchasing backing can be seen which can help costs clutch help levels and bob towards 26500-26525 levels. A maintained breakdown underneath 26440 will put weight on the counter and costs can slide lower towards 26350-26300 zones.General we anticipate that costs will be range bound between 26300—26600 levels.

Silver costs are taking backing between 36300-36140 levels on intraday dips. Until costs clutch this help the counter can bob once more to 36700-36760 levels. The counter needs to maintain at more elevated amounts after the up move and all things considered costs can progress further towards 37000. Costs have been exchanging an expansive scope of 36140 to 37500 levels subsequent to the previous 4-5 sessions of exchange.

Copper costs shut with an addition of 1% yesterday. Costs are as of now solidifying in a scope of 368 to 371.50 levels since the up move yesterday. Counter needs to support at more elevated amounts around 371 for it to rally towards 374.50-375 levels. A break beneath 368 will put weight on costs and it can slide lower towards 364—363.50 levels. General wide range for copper is seen between 365 to 375 levels.

Crude Oil
Crude oil costs can progress further towards 3300 levels. Offering can be seen as costs approach 3300-3340 levels. Shortcoming from more elevated amounts around 3300 can give an intraday offering open door for brokers. Remedies from more elevated amounts will discover backing at 3190—3175.

Lead costs can progress further and test its significant safety ranges between 112.40—112.80. The counter will exchange with positive inclination until costs keep afloat levels after dips. The current pullback rally will be in risk just if costs break and begin exchanging beneath 110. Until then the counter will test safety and unite at larger amounts for few sessions.

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