MCX BULLION Tips & Updates Today

MCX Gold is move to down side in Indian market. Today both precious metals Like Gold and silver are open green side, but gold now return back, while Silver is trading upper levels. The move of the rupee against the dollar to gold in the domestic market has increased the pressure on. There is now firmly in Rs. There is now firmly in Rs. Because of the extremely flat on MCX is trading in gold. However, silver is looking edge. Indeed COMAX 0.5 Percent in gold and silver gained 0.9 Percent In the international market.  MCX gold is trading below Rs 26,387. Silver on MCX is trade 0.27 percent higher on last close and trading rate 43,620.MCX Bullion

~ Buy Silver near to 43600 July contract to 43620 Target point 43750 Stop Loss 43550.

~ Buy Gold with in June contract above at 43400 TGT 43423, 43447 Stop Loss 43253.

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