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The last few seasons proves to be not so good for the Sugarcane cultivation, as the States of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka has been facing drought for the second consecutive year, which affected the Sugar production adversely. Now the Sugarcane crop in the South and Central Maharashtra is suffering from extensive damage due to pest attacks and the output is expected to decline by about 10 to 15 percent which will cause extensive loss to farmers in the region. An average 30 to 35 per cent area is affected. Sugar acreage in Maharashtra is about 0.95 million hectares in the 2016-17 season which is higher than the 0.633 million hectares acreage seen during the previous year. It was estimated that a yield of 80 tons per hectare, with a cane availability of about 76 million tons or crushing season starting October this year. But on the back of pest attack, it is estimated that about 11.4 million tons of Sugarcane will be lost.


Commodity Market Live: Gold is 31 points up at 29578 while Silver is 58 points up at 39822. MenthaOil is 16 points down at 1169 and Cotton has lost 110 points at 18430. Cocudakl has dropped 18 points at 1519 while Dhaniya has jumped 48 points up at 4458.

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