Commodity Market : Trading Tips Today

mcx CRUDE-OIL5Crude Oil price moved higher in domestic and international market. It is notable that Crude oil price has gone accelerated despite of agreement with Iran. Supply on record level. At MCX Crude oil gained 3.5% traded near Rs 3150 while at NYMAX Crude price reached above $50 while Brent Crude reached near $56.

Gold and Silver are looking positive at MCX Gold gained 1% traded above Rs 26900 while Silver strengthened 2% tarded above Rs 38100.

Base Metals gained, at MCX Copper traded with 2% gain at Rs 383, while Nickel traded near Rs 820 with 1.25% gain. Aluminium and Zinc strengthened 0.7% and 0.9%. Lead gained 1% reached at Rs 118.

Oilseeds future have rallied strongly today. At NCDEX Soyabean future traded near Rs 3570 gained 3%, while Soya oil price jumped 2% traded near Rs 600.

Gold MCX (June Future) Buy above Rs 26888 target Rs 27292 stop loss Rs 26727.

Crude Oil MCX (April Future) Buy above 3142 target 3251 stop loss 3100.

Lead MCX (April Future) Buy above Rs 117 target Rs 119.71 stop loss 115.66.

Soyabean NCDEX(June Future) Buy at Rs 3560 target Rs 3600 stop loss Rs 3540.

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