bullion updates|| crude calls for 10th july

MCX Gold August future contract is looking bearish for medium long term while intraday traders  works on bullion position of gold , for future you have support it at 25700 ,26000,25880,and max resistance at  26300,26450,26530 .

BUY GOLD AUG ABOVE 26150 TGT  26200,26250,26300  SL 26110

MCX Silver September contract also looking bearish note for future trading session but while in other side for intraday trading session silver up by 125 points to 40168 .for intraday session you support it at 39909,38262 and resistance at   40433,40503 .

BUY SILVER  SEP ABOVE 40270 TGT 40320,40370,40420 SL 40230

CC2MCX Crude July is going in a perfect way , intraday chart shows uptrend it growing faster as compare to menthe oil, for intraday you may support it at 6163, 6150 and resist at 6254,6267..

BUY CRUDE OIL ABOVE 6290 TGT 6300, 6307,6314 SL 6280


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