Castor Seeds issue: SEBI bars two companies

India’s commodity and securities market regulator SEBI has barred two companies from securities markets for the alleged fraudulent and manipulative trading activities in castor seeds at the NCDEX. Ruchi Soya and National Steel and Agro Industries has been barred by SEBI. “Ruchi Soya (who was holding significant position in Castor Seed Contracts) has transferred funds […]


Commodity gold and silver market update for Monday

In an International market price of a crude seen to be fell down.While there seen a strength in price of Gold and Silver in second day of trading session. In an domestic market on MCX gold increase with a strength of 0.40% reached at Rs 29,110 per 10 gram of gold.And Silver also rise by […]

Commodity gold and silver update on Wednesday

In a domestic market on MCX crude seen in a weak strength and on MCX crude price reached at 2770.On MCX gold fell by 0.1% reached near Rs. 29,300 trading at this level.But silver seen in strength with 1% reached above Rs 40,150 to this level. In Agri commodity weak strength recorded in price of […]